Cool and Helpful Tricks You Should Know To Use Your Computer Like a Pro

Cool and Helpful Tricks You Should Know To Use Your Computer Like a Pro

You might have been using your computer in the least productive way. Here I’ve compiled some cool and helpful tips and tricks that will boost your productivity and save your time and effort.

The first thing is keyboard shortcuts. Yeah, the mouse is cool, but the keyboard is way cooler. Keyboard shortcuts just not only gets your job done quickly but also improves the efficiency.


Windows Key Shortcuts


windows key


WinDisplays or hides the Start screen
Win + AOpens notification and Action Center
Win + M Minimizes all windows
Win + Shift + M Restore all windows
Win + COpens Charms
Win + DShows desktop
Win + EOpens Microsoft Explorer
Win + G Opens Game
Win + HOpens on screen keyboard
Win + TabView all virtual desktops at a glance
Win + ROpens the run window
Win + Pause/BreakOpens the system properties window
Win + LLocks the computer
Win + IOpens settings
Win + XOpens power user task menu
Win + Q /  Win + S Opens Cortana
Win + W Opens Windows Ink workspace
Win + POpens projector menu
Win + .Shows emoji
Win + ,Temporarily peak at the desktop
Win+/-Opens Magnifier and zooms in/out
Win + EscExits Magnifier


Run Command Shortcuts


run command box


First, open the Run window by hitting Win + R shortcut and type in the following commands. These commands can be quite useful, so it’s worth remembering.


calcOpens Calculator
charmapOpens Character map
cmdOpens Command prompt
controlOpens Control panel
fontsOpens Fonts
firefoxOpens Firefox (if installed)
chromeOpens Google chrome (if installed)
winwordOpens Microsoft Word
excelOpens Microsoft Excel
powerpntOpens Microsoft Powerpoint
outlookOpens Microsoft Outlook
notepadOpens Notepad
wordpad / writeOpens Wordpad
wmplayerOpens Windows media player
mspaintOpens Microsoft Paint
oskOpens On-screen keyboard
cleanmgrOpens Disk cleanup utility
timedate.cplOpens Date and Time properties
inetcpl.cplOpens Internet properties
logoffLog out windows
shutdownShutdowns computer
shutdown -rRestarts windows
regeditOpens Registry editor
taskmgrOpens Task Manager
msconfigOpens System configuration
dxdiagView System information and DirectX information
appwiz.cplOpens Add / Remove program
control admintoolsOpens Administrative tools
diskmgmt.mscOpens Disk management
diskpartOpens Disk partition
%temp%Opens Temporary folder
(Note: Delete the contents of the temporary folder)



Browser Shortcuts




HomeGo to the top of the page
EndGo to the end of the page
Ctrl + TOpen a new tab
CtrlWClose current tab
Ctrl + DAdd bookmark
Ctrl + Shift + DBookmark all open tabs
Ctrl + HOpen History
Ctrl + JOpen Downloads
Ctrl + NOpen new browser window
Ctrl + UOpen page source
Ctrl + +Zoom in
Ctrl + -Zoom out
Ctrl + 0Restore original size
Ctrl + 1Switch to the first tab
Ctrl + 9Switch to the last tab
Ctrl + EOpens the search bar in the address bar
Ctrl + FStarts the Find utility
Ctrl + L / Alt + D / F6Highlights the text in the address bar
Ctrl + TabMoves through each of the open tabs
Ctrl + R / F5Reloads page
Ctrl + SSaves page
Ctrl + PPrint the page
Ctrl + Shift + DeleteOpens the Clear browsing history window
F11Full screen mode
F12Open Developer menu


Trick 1: Just type in the name of the website in the address bar on a browser and press Ctrl + Enter to add the ‘www.’ and ‘.com‘, prefix and suffix automatically.



Youtube Shortcuts


Youtube logo


K / SpaceToggle Play / Pause the video
Left ArrowGo back 5 seconds
JGo back 10 seconds
Right ArrowGo forward 5 seconds
LGo forward 10 seconds
Numbers 1-9 (Not the keypad numbersSkip to a particular section of the video (eg. 5 goes to midpoint of the video)
0 (Not the keypad numbersRestart the video
FFull-screen mode
EscExit Full-screen mode
HomeGo to the beginning of the video
EndGo to the end of the video
Up ArrowIncrease Volume
Down ArrowDecrease Volume
Shift + >Increase speed
Shift + <Decrease speed
MMute / Unmute video
CTurn Captions on / off
BCycle through options for caption background color


Trick 1: Left click on the video and click on ‘Loop‘ to repeat the video.


Trick 2: Left click on the video and click on ‘Stat for nerds‘ to view dropped frames of video, current frame, video dimensions and others.


Trick 3: Convert a YouTube video into a GIF, by adding ‘gif‘ before youtube in the URL, i.e.


Trick 4: Download any YouTube videos simply by placing ‘ss‘ at the beginning of the video link, i.e.…


Google Password

Visit Google Password

Are you like, “Woah!”? Remove passwords which you think, Google should not remember or which can harm you if your account is hacked.

This feature really helps me to remember my old passwords or password on a website which I don’t visit frequently. It saves me from the trouble of clicking forgot the password.


Google History

If you want to find out which website you visited on which particular day then, Google History will help you to get those data.


Google Maps Timeline

 Do you want to remember where you were on a particular day at that particular time? Visit Google Maps Timeline.


God Mode

God Mode is a shortcut to access all the operating system’s control settings from within a single folder. Here’s a tutorial on How to Enable God Mode on your computer.


Task Manager

All your life you have been using the shortcut Ctrl + Alt + Delete to open the window and select Task Manager while you can directly open Task Manager by using the shortcut Ctrl + Shift + Esc.


Turn off ads in uTorrent


utorrent logo


uTorrent is the most popular and frequent application you use when you wish to download a movie, games, music and other applications. Most of us use the free version and are annoyed by the ad banners that keeps displaying on it. So here’s a way to disable the ads and offers.

To turn off ads and offers:

Open uTorrent > Options > Preferences > Advanced.

You will see the following window.


utorrent advanced tab


Here you’ll find a large list of flags for the app and a filter box. Search for and disable the following flags:

  •  offers.left_rail_offer_enabled/left_rail_offer
  •  gui.show_plus_upsell
  •  offers.sponsored_torrent_offer_enabled/sponsored_torrent_offer_enabled
  •  bt.enable_pulse
  •  gui.show_notorrents_node
  •  offers.content_offer_autoexec


Reverse Image Search

Most of you might know about the ‘search by image’ option in Google where you can upload an image and search the web for it. But you can directly search for the image in reverse to know exactly where it came from.

Just hold S and Right Click on the image to reverse search the image.


Temporary Emails

To avoid spam from certain websites, use disposable temporary email services to sign up for the stuff.

Below are few of the services offering temporary email facility:

Quickly Launch a New Instance of the Program


new instance


The taskbar icons can also be used to quickly launch a second (or third, fourth, …) instance of a program.

Just hold down Shift and open the program by left clicking on the mouse and you will get a new, clean version of the software.



Use Mouse Scroll Wheel to Open the Link in New Browser



Have you ever wondered the purpose of the middle wheel on the mouse except for scrolling? Click on any link with the middle wheel and the link opens in a new tab.

I will be adding more tricks in the coming days. If you know some more tricks and shortcuts, then you can comment down below. I would really appreciate that. Please share this blog so that other people can also learn about it.