IT4D 2017 Hiking Experience

IT4D 2017 Hiking Experience

31st July 2017


After two days of informative and wonderful IT4D conference event came the day of fun-filled and adventurous hiking. I reached Deerwalk premise at around 8.45 am and had breakfast with the hiking team. At 9.43 am, we boarded the bus and took off with full of excitement and thrill. We reached Sankhu at 10.58 am, carried our bags and started the beautiful and adventurous hiking journey to Jaharsingh Pauwa. The team was led by Surendra sir and hiking was going quite well when the adventure actually started after he got confused on the path and the team got separated. It was actually kind of ‘into the wild’ type of situation then as we had to make our way through the dense forest. The situation got even scary when we faced the problem of leech in our skin. Thanks to Samjhana who had bought salt to get rid of leech.  After walking for around 5 hours, we reached Jaharsingh Pauwa where the bus was waiting for us. After all the team members arrived, we boarded the bus again and headed towards Lapsiphedi.

IT4D Hiking Picture

We reached the resort, freshened up and took some rest. Everyone was tired and hungry after such a long walk. All the hiking team got seated together and started conversations. We were then served with delicious snacks and drinks. After some snacks and rest, we had lunch. As we took a long time during hiking, we didn’t get the chance to stay for long in the resort. So once everyone had their lunch and a little rest, we were set to go back to Kathmandu. We boarded the bus one more time and headed back to Kathmandu. It was really fun while returning back. We sang songs and danced in the bus despite having very little space. Dr. Gokul Bhandari sir also joined us and made the journey more interesting.

IT4D Hiking Group Photo

We finally reached the Deerwalk complex at around 8 pm. Everyone thanked each other and left but the journey didn’t stop for me. I had the opportunity to sit, have a conversation and drink a cup of tea with professors Dr. Gokul sir, Dr. Rudra sir, Hitesh dai and others. It was a really memorable day for me as not only did I had the most amazing hiking of my life, but also got an opportunity to know people from various fields and got to learn a lot of things.