Have no idea what you’re doing with life?

Have no idea what you’re doing with life?

What would you do if at some point you realize you have no idea what you’re doing with life?


I’m sure many of you are at this point right now. You don’t know what you’re doing in your personal and professional life. You don’t have a single clue about your next move and you feel you are stuck in life.

Maybe because you’re seeing people on social media doing well and here you are, doing nothing and earning nothing.

Maybe because you want to do many things, but don’t know where to start.

Maybe you are always looking at the dark side of life, being pessimistic and taking yourself too seriously.

Maybe you are jobless, broke and not being to help yourself and your family financially.

Maybe you feel you are already 25 (or your age), and you haven’t accomplished anything yet.


So many maybes, all because you are doubting yourself. Yes, you read that right. You are self-doubting a lot. I can say this because I was the person who self-doubted a lot. In fact, I still do sometimes, but I try not to. 


Most often, the feeling of not knowing what you’re doing with life is a result of negative thoughts building inside your head. The more you dwell on the thought, the more uncertain and anxious you will feel about your future. These are transient confusion we all face when we have no vision of what we want to do with our lives. But the good news is we all go through these moments where we do not understand what is going on, and the truth is, I don’t think anyone has it all figured out.


If nobody has told you this, let me be the first one to tell you that the ideas like ‘purpose of life’ is all self-made fabrication, which often becomes the greatest hindrance of our growth and happiness. You first create a goal and then you feel frustrated because you fail to achieve it? You first believe that ideals set by other people and then make your life miserable chasing those ideals? You will eventually find the so-called ‘purpose of life’ when you get to involve yourself in something and keep doing that thing.


Most of the time you are living in your head. You are making things up which hasn’t even happened yet and worrying about it. You’re doubting yourself and thinking negative. You are creating your own dark clouds over your head. But let me remind you, the mind is more powerful than you think it is. Our mind can transform those thoughts into a reality. It is the law of attraction. What if you are in this situation right now because you were thinking exactly the same, some time ago? Start thinking positively no matter how hard the situation is and stop taking yourself too seriously. Stop feeling burdensome about the responsibilities you have and keep moving forward. Take pressure in a positive way.


Own up to everything you have done, face the consequences and see it as an experience.


Do you have regrets? Have you failed? Are you in a difficult situation?



Can you do anything about it?

Yes? Then do it.



What can you do?

Change the way you think, accept it, be a better person going forward every day in your life.

Remember, you’re a human, you’re not perfect and you’re allowed to make mistakes.

Just don’t give up. Don’t ever lose hope. Be a little courageous for yourself, love yourself, think positively no matter what, and most important, believe in yourself.


Think positively, believe in yourself and you will be unstoppable.